Asheville Wesleyan Church Staff


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4 thoughts on “Asheville Wesleyan Church Staff

  1. Karen & Tim Ownbey says:

    Great Job!! You and your family have been sent by God to help us continue what He started in this church 100 years ago!! Amazing…Thanks for leading us!

  2. Rachael Bliss says:

    I work with ABCCM’s Our Circle ministry. We are trying to update our contact list of local churches. Could you call our office so we can update your info. It will just take a few minutes. 259-5310. Thank you, Rachael Bliss

  3. Irene Mills says:

    What is your music program? I see no mention of music on your web page.

    • Irene, thanks for your interest. Our music program follows the American model of traditional protestant worship. We are very closely related to a more formal United Methodist Church in that regard.

      Blessings – Pastor Josh

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